Kaldor gave me great insight into the joys and challenges of working at a design studio. Being part of this small creative team with a big client, Sheridan College, I got a chance to help out in various production, design and concept roles, as well as contribute to some studio initiated projects.
Word Project
A fun, studio initiated project was the Word Project for the Kaldor blog. Each week, our copywriter choose a word that best represented her article and challenged one of the designers to create an intriguing visual representation of it. Here are a few of my results.
Sheridan Cinema Ad
I was given the opportunity to deliver the concept for this ad which was to be shown in Ontario cinemas. With Sheridan's slogan being "Get Creative" I thought to run with that idea, and think what else Sheridan has to offer and what else you "get" from the Sheridan experience. "Get Hands On, Get Real-World Experience, a Get a Degree, etc. The main constraint for this project was we were to use mostly b-role and stock footage from previous shoots, although we did shoot a few extra scenes in the studio, which commenced my hand-modelling career. This project was a rewarding full team effort, comprising the copywriter, art director, video editor and a local musician commissioned to do the score.

Unfortunately, the video has been pulled down from Kaldor's Vimeo site.

More Experience