Working at Henriquez Partners Architects I had the opportunity to help out in a number of areas working and interacting with great people from all over the globe. From laying out large 200+ page reports to photographing our internal events and some building projects under construction, to helping out with social media content.
Print Production 
The majority of my work at HPA was designing and laying out various large-scale reports, roughly 100-200+ pages in length. For these documents, I had the opportunity to work with various people involved in these projects and compile loads of text and other documents, while maintaining a clear sense of hierarchy and adding graphics to make the important information as visible as possible. My knowledge of InDesign and file management dramatically increased while working on these projects.
Working with Richard Henriquez
Occasionally, I had the chance to work closely with Richard Henriquez, the founder of the company, who is still actively involved in projects well into his 70s and also has a host of other roles in the design community along with a passion for the arts.

This piece is a program I designed for a series of dinners at his residence which were followed by jazz performances. Finding a connection between jazz and dinner with the double "n" and "z", I created a custom typographic logo for the event and used the rotation aspect of that form to play with some elements in the layout of the pages.
Internal Posters
​​​​​​​​​​​​Every month an employee had to design a poster using graphics or imagery to represent that month or the events happening internally that month. The constraints were that it could only use black, white and the company red, display our logo and list the weekly events. On the left, I had the month of April and wanted to focus on the cherry blossoms that Vancouverites adore and make it as dense and delicate as possible. On the right, is a poster commemorating the many years of service a co-worker contributed to the company that had me digging through our photo archive.
Sports Jersey competition
An internal competition to come up with a basic front and back design for a baseball jersey that would be given out to every staff member. My design was to take this opportunity to think about not just our baseball team, but design a sports jersey that could work for all the sports programs we were a part of. I sourced a company that could essentially print off custom fabric designs giving you the freedom to explore a wide variety of design options. I also came up with a subtle name/brand placed on the back calling the team Henriquez Partners Architects Athletics encompassing all the sports we participate in. Unfortunately, my designs did not win.
Amateur In-House Photographer
Having not had much in-depth experience with photography, I was given the chance to explore and learn a few things while shooting some of the building projects that we're under construction, taking portraits for our monthly staff "spotlight" shared on social media, working with lots of people shooting group shots, and also getting candid shots, documenting people at work or celebrating at various internal events. 
Staff Spotlight Portraits
Office life
Addition Tile Mural Installation
For this project, I got to document the installation of a massive tile mural that was designed by Richard Henriquez who was also the building's lead architect. In total, there were roughly 100,000 pieces, that were put together in 12x12 sections and then adhered to the wall. It was a real joy to document the process and eventually see the finished product.
Cpc Construction
This was the first building construction site I was on and it was a really enjoyable experience having my co-worker show me around and give me an interesting insight into how a building comes together and the amount of onsite work an architect has to do.

More Experience