Eri Ishii is a former studiomate of mine who has become a very close friend over the years. In 2014, after learning about front-end web development, I was eager to put my skills into practice. Previously, Eri had a site that was developed using Flash and was now realizing the need to update her site to be mobile-friendly, and also refresh her brand.
With a minimal and modern brand, highlighting the playful and modern (pink colour) approach to what might look on the surface to be a more traditional (serif typeface) landscape and figurative work. The gradient values of the wordmark bring attention to the process and feel of her work, that being the delicately applied layers of paint building rich and textured pieces.

The website design has been an evolving and collaborative process between Eri and myself. Receiving and interpreting feedback from her admirers and clients has pushed us to better understand the users and their needs.   

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